Individual Therapy

Why come to therapy?

The relationship we have with ourselves is the only constant relationship we have – yet it’s the one we are often prone to neglect. From childhood we adapt and mould ourselves into what we are told is acceptable or lovable, at the expense of certain parts of ourselves that remain hidden away in the shadows.

We will all experience trauma in our lives at some level. How we integrate these experiences as adults is crucial, and we must slowly face and deal with the stored memories of trauma in our bodies with curiosity, patience and courage.

You might come to individual relationship therapy to address an immediate crisis (for example a break up, feelings of increased anxiety or stress within yourself), to resolve traumas from the past that you feel ready to deal with, or to commit to the process of understanding yourself on a deeper level.

Some examples of common reasons someone might come to therapy include:

  • Low self-esteem or self-love
  • Repeating the same patterns in relationships but not able to break out of them
  • Difficulties with boundaries
  • Co-dependency or enmeshment tendencies
  • Dealing with heartbreak
  • Feeling unmotivated or no sense of direction
  • Wanting to understand what you genuinely want in your relationships and exploring how to achieve it

What to expect

In your first session, relevant background information is taken. It is important for me to understand what your goals are for therapy, and outline how I work so we can determine if we will be a good fit for the work together.

Depending on what each client needs, sessions might include:

  • Short practices to connect you inwards, to build a connection to your body, breath and imagination. This can be difficult if we have been cut off from our bodies, but building a connection into our inner world is a key aspect of growth and healing
  • Learning to sit with whatever emotions arise in session, to explore and move through difficult sensations together to gradually expand your capacity to regulate your nervous system
  • Reconnecting back into your inner child to heal pain from the past
  • Working together to identify your limiting beliefs and uncovering the parts of yourself you have hidden away, with the goal of integrating all parts of yourself
  • Identifying what your relationship patterns are and how to heal the patterns that are causing pain
  • Practical tools that you can take home to work on what we uncover in your sessions

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