Current Workshops

                                                                                                    Pre-Union/Marriage Workshops

Relationship exploration before marriage or commitment 


One thing is for certain – the way we choose to commit to each other is changing. We might love the tradition and security of marriage, or we may instead choose to have a committed union minus the ‘death do you part’ expectation. Perhaps we want a life partner but don’t want children, or perhaps we consider non-monogamy an option over the longer term. As our society accepts and embraces new forms of relationships, so we find ourselves with choices around who we commit to, what that looks like and then how to navigate it in somewhat unchartered waters.

However, despite what each relationship looks like from the outside, there are still key factors that are necessary to ensure both people are contained in a loving, authentic and constructive union which encourages growth and both inter-and independence. Open dialogue, trust, constructive conflict, intimacy, respect, fun, physical connection, appreciation and an acceptance of who each other is and what baggage they bring into the relationship are all crucial elements of long-term satisfaction. And as Esther Perel discusses, an acceptance that our partners are not going to always satisfy our heart’s desire, and that it’s ok to have other sources of fulfillment in our lives.

Some couples are also becoming aware of what it means to be in a Conscious Relationship. One where you can show your wounds without fear of judgement, where you commit to work on yourselves in relationship and have the space to grow into your highest selves. Conscious sex in the forms of Tantra and ancient yogic practices are seeping into the West as long-term couples find their sex lives stagnating.

I wanted to create these workshops for anyone, of any age, gender or religion to come with their significant other to explore how to create a union that allows both people to feel nurtured, fulfilled and on steady ground. Drawing on my experience as a psychotherapist focusing on relational health, I also bring in my own studies of Eastern practices and awareness to provide a more holistic perspective on relationships.

Specific evidence-based material is drawn from the Gottman Institute, the work of Stan Tatkin and other papers collated for the purposes of the workshops (resources provided).

Purpose of Workshops:

  1. To firstly create a space for two people to safely explore their relationship as they commit into a longer-term union – with consideration of their unique relationship dynamic and type
  2. Discover what leading studies in the field of relationships have concluded make a long-term relationship thrive
  3. Discover key relationship concepts that are useful to gain further insight into the way each other operates in relationship
  4. Discover the warning signs to watch out for that may indicate your relationship needs some extra care and attention
  5. Learn how to resolve any future conflict in constructive and empathetic way
  6. Discuss some key practical issues that many couples neglect to consider before they commit to each other long-term
  7. Align to the principles of a Conscious Relationship – as we move from traditional, to modern and now conscious coupling

Structure of workshops

Each couple can decide the structure, duration and content of the workshops that is most appealing to them and fits within their time frame and budget. What is relevant to one couple may not be for another – so these workshops are best tailored for the unique requirements of each couple.

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended to get a feel for how they are working for you. The first session will be 90 minutes long, followed by subsequent 60 minute sessions.

One session is $150, and a 3-session pack is $400